Wednesday, August 18, 2010

9th Cav Egypt 1942 Diorama

" On Patrol " diorama featuring the Crusader and Stuart tanks of the 9th Division Cavalry in Egypt 1942 , this was the first time Australia had been equipped with modern tanks , before that it was a mixture of Vickers Light Tanks and Bren Carriers.
The Aussies also used captured French Vichy R-35 Tanks , Italian M13/40 Tanks and Light Tankettes.
Tanks used were painted in Desert Sand scheme with no markings apart from the standard tank numbers.
Diorama is made using an Imex 1/25 scale display case , land form made with Builders Bog , Italeri ruined wall section , Hasegawa fuel drum added.
Information sourced from Anzac Steel

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