Thursday, December 29, 2011

1/35 Command Jeep

Command Jeep - 50. cal MG / Night vision equipment / upgraded engine + dual rear wheels

 Jeep build story and pics here

Sunday, December 18, 2011

1/35 Universal Carrier " Jim"

Universal Carrier " Jim" 1949 - Remote operated 20mm Flak 38 / Night vision equipment / Upgraded U.S engine

 Universal Carrier build story and pics here

1/35 Universal Carrier " Dan "

Universal Carrier " Dan" 1949 - M40 Recoilless Anti Tank gun / Magnetic Anomaly Detection System / Upgraded U.S engine

 Universal Carrier build story and pics here

Operation Glenrowan Final

One year on the bench .........

Operation Glenrowan Libya 1949 - under the cover of darkness mobile units from the 8th Cav Australian Army strikeforce " Kelly " momentarily pause at an old temple ruin to meet up with ground troops.
The target - a clandestine German jet fighter base hidden in the desert wasteland , the Australian troops have a big surprise for old Jerry this time - a captured Jagdluther " Skorpion " AT walker , one of 9 seized from a merchant vessel off the coast of Madagascar some months earlier.
The Aussie engineers have also been busy fitting out 2 Universal carriers with new American engines , German night vision equipment and arming them with a captured German remote Flak 38 , new American recoiless anti - tank cannon and Magnetic Anomaly Detection system.

Build story and pics here