Sunday, August 27, 2017


Junk bot project that has taken over a year after I lost some key pieces, bits found during another project so I immediately returned to finish it.
I started out going for a comical " Batteries not Included" type flying bot but as I got towards the end of the build it started to look a bit more nastier.
Confirmed nastiness added after looking at the bot from "Hardware" and a touch of the Imperial drone from TESB
I now built it to be a flying military / Police drone that could be used to open doors with its array of tools and sensors , observe and stun victims with it's stun gun.
It is full size and so it can enter premises and not set off motion detection equipment , is ultra silent and can send back images to a smart phone in the field, nicknamed Hummingbird because of the way it can hover almost silently while working on door locks

Build pics

Main body was a table lamp with the top of a Powerade bottle glued to the base , I got the arms from an old cheap bot toy and at one stage had the tail from a toy helicopter glued to the back, then I lost one of the arms for over a years so it that time it sat in the half done box.
As per usual one years later while looking for summin else I found the arm and immediately halted current project to finish the bot
Added greeblies from an Apache chopper kit broken toy cars and an asthama inhaler thingo made a cool motor
The drill bit was the finishing touch as the bot still needs to be able to crack the old style door locks the drill can be used to core out locks.
Painted flat black with Gunmetal dry brush work and a couple of decals from the goody box

Monday, April 10, 2017

Friday, March 31, 2017


A post apoc kit bash featuring the Mutant Mauler and figures from Not Yet Dead Miniatures
Donor kit Dragon M1A1 w/ Mine Plow + upper hull sheet styrene
Casted concrete road barriers from Meng




Caterpillar M1A-UL
A custom built vehicle by Caterpillar industries in Newcastle NSW for the Horizon mining company in Western Australia 
Nine machines were built for the maintenance department of the Urunga uranium mine, they served as perimeter maintenance vehicles tending to the fencing system that surrounding the 2000 hectare mine site, light,fast and able to carry all equipment needed for extended maintenance patrols and on the spot repairs.
These vehicles were based on the chassis of obsolete M1A1 Abrams tanks ex Australian Army

Urunga mine post apocalypse....
Towards the end of 2017 North Korea launched pre emptive nuclear and biological weapon strikes on the western world, Australia was hit early on with all major populated areas being targetted by a biological weapon known as KN 200X.
These missles contained a fast spreading virus that turned humans into walking dead cannibals, the virus spread throughout all populated centres withing 40 days
Once infected the victims (nicknamed deadlies) would attack others in order to feed.
Workers at the Urunga mine decided to ride out the plague after media reports from the cities stopped some weeks after the first missles hit, the workers immediately sealed off the site and began to farm and maintain the huge perimeter fence offering refuge to those who made it to the main gate
Regular radio broadcasts were sent out daily on UHF 11, survivors told of hellish conditions in the cities as roaming death squads and government troops tried in vain to stop the spread of the KN virus.
Four of the MA1-UL tractors dubbed "Maulers" were tasked for scrounging supplies from nearby towns with crews of 3, one vehicle was lost with no account for its crew, the other 3 vehicles patrolled the perimeter daily looking for attempted break ins by the "deadlies" and picking up any survivors who made it to the safe haven at Urunga.
Two maulers were inoperable and were kept for spares.

Day 927
Mason and Logan are patrolling in Mauler 9 along the southern perimeter after hearing of a group of survivors attempting to get to the main gate, they arrange to meet them and escort their vehicle back to camp.A father and his teenage daughter had escaped the city and had picked up the radio broadcast.As they come over a rise they come across a terrifying and sad sight, the party has been attacked by deadlies and the young daughter is walking along the track carrying her fathers head.
"Fuck it" says Mason as he lowers the dozer blade and guns the engine on the Mauler.
"No stop" says Logan and they slow down , she hops down from the tractor and walks up to the girl and shoots her once in the temple.
"Not these ones" she mutters.
"They deserve some dignity" 
They bury them on the side of the track and continue along the perimeter.