Saturday, December 19, 2020

Waterworld Hellfire Gunboat WIP 4

Full primer stage and test fitting of all parts

Pre shading and first base coat of Dulux Rust Effect it has a nice texture

This should be fun these chains are tiny and fiddly


Why the hell not !
 I will put the smokers mother ship name on the back of the barge
I may or may not go with the Trump flag on the truck I think it has the same dark whimsy as the use of the Exxon Valdez name . I am not a fan or even American just to make that clear lol

Having not ever done much rust I have now done lots rust , basically the whole boat is a rustbucket

Small deck items gathered and painted

Getting close now onto the base and the water effects ,after looking at many ideas I found a great method on youtube, if you follow what the guy says its basically foolproof

Very happy with this method

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Molding and Casting with Pinkysil and Easycast


Pelican case for Waterworld build , 2 smaller cases were glued end to end to make
 the long missle case

Mold container using small tupperware tub, job is suspended upside down

50/50 mix of Pinkysil A+B and poured 

De mould after 30 minutes silicon released cleanly

First cast using 50/50 mix of Easycast

Great success first go and it's perfect
I'm impressed with this product the resin was set in 15 minutes and all the
products are odourless

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Waterworld Hellfire Gunboat WIP 3

Started work on the paddle wheel , I cast the ends with builders filler in a shallow dish to get the nice curve

Had this plastic cylinder handy turned out to be the right size

Building the rear paddle wheel support

Have ordered products to cast this case I used 2 glued together to make the long size I need

Working out the drive system found some R/C car drive belts with nice detail

Casting worked out great and now its looking good and getting bigger ! 60cm 

                                       Went on a casting frenzy and made all the tyres I need

Turned out great

Barge details spikes added

Rear drive system taking shape

Deck items