Saturday, October 9, 2021

Waterworld's Hellfire Gunboat

 A concept devised years ago, on the bench for over a year packed up and moved house twice now thanks to covid lockdown it's completed
I would hate to think of the cost of making this but conservative around $500+ in kits / parts and supplies needed.
Not being a full time model builder this presented new challenges like scratch building, resin casting and advanced weathering techniques so I had to learn on the run , the model had many revisions during construction , many many hours of staring at screens grabs trying to work it all out but I think I got there in the end !
*There are build logs in earlier posts on the blog just follow the older posts link 

Want more ? Love Waterworld ?
One thing I found was the lack of resources on this movie, there is very little on the web about the making of the movie, you honestly can't go past this channel on YouTube though check it out below


Reception around the web Facebook and Redditt has been great but nothing beats this

except this !

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