Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Waterworld Hellfire Gunboat WIP 1

The Waterworld Quad 50 Barge Project

I always thought this was the coolest thing I'd seen in a movie apart from the Interceptor so thanks to Covid-19 I have decided to stop dreaming and get er done
I will of course need: 1 x M55 50 cal quad gun
1 x 1968 Peterbilt "needle nose" semi tractor
1 x barge to be totally scratch built
maybe some resin water effects
shitload of rust effects
Current forum build diary at Whatif Modellers

Unable to find a suitable model 351 Peterbilt I decided to go with this later model die cast truck

Unable to source the Dragon M55 Quad Trailer kit I had to buy this M35A1 guntruck kit ,which is actually coming in handy for extra truck parts for the dies cast model

The die cast is something new to work on takes a bit of dremel work to get it to where I need to start

First scale comparison between the 1/32 ebay die cast truck and the 1/35 quad gun, they look good and lot of parts from the guntruck marry up to missing bits from the diecast truck, the back tray I will use as is

These crates are a pain in the ass, they are extra long "Pelican" type missile cases and I haven't been able to find anything like that online in the right scale
I do have something close but too short I'm considering trying to cast them and joining 2 together to get the long box

Working out the barge dimensions its looking to be over 50cm long !

Modded V-55 tank engine - unable to source a suitable engine I decided to get a cheap T-55 tank engine , originally was going to go the V8 but it was going to be way to big so I am just using one bank mounted vertical it looks very similar to the early diesel engines, you could never get a good look at the one in the movie so I have a bit of leeway here

Putting it all back together and starting to add details

Not happy with the plastic gun barrels that looked nothing like the movies ones I searched around until I found these 1/32 scale 50 cal barrels for a B-24 Liberator, they are perfect

Time to get some primer on to gauge how its all looking , happy so far

A couple of hours swearing and I did the swapover not bad at all

Toy Bot Modbash

I saw a few guys modding hexabots and decided to give it a go. firstly they were hard to get and too expensive
I saw one of those Facebook ads for this bot and plonked down 15 bucks, when it arrived it was unassembled so that took a whole week, once finished the toy did not work at all, the whole idea was to have moving model, I decided to quickly finish it off and probably put less effort into it than I would have
It was going to be a Russian WW2 bot but I wasn't going to invest anymore cash into this so I used what I had in the stash
The base is basically me walking out to the side of the road and grabbing some gravel and plonking it on a board with PVA glue