Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Male Mk IV Tank

Model: Emhar Mk IV Male Tank
Scale: 1/72

Not a bad model from Emhar , good detail and it went together ok , instructions were a bit confusing only giving you a rough idea of how bits attached and the model was lacking on lugs to accept parts , one part was cast incorrectly but at this scale is barely noticeable and fixable.
The ditching rail was a bugger to glue together and I made a ditching beam from the sprue which is handily the right shape.Bit of old chain tarted up nicely with a rust treatment

4 options for decals including " captured German " , but I wanted to make it look like a Mk IV from the Battle of Hamel , after some research I decided on painting it in Khaki Brown and hand painting the markings ( markings were done by hand in the field ), an AWM picture of a tank at Hamel shows the unit number H 52 so I made a fictional H 17 mainly because they are the easiest to paint by hand at this scale !


  1. Airfix does one you could try too.

  2. I have the Airfix one but the scale was too small for my figures , also it's a Mk 1 which was unsuitable , off to Ebay it goes