Saturday, March 3, 2012

1/35 Dust Jagdluther Resin Model

I was happy with the final outcome of the Jagdluther bot , thanks to a forum buddy in the U.K a set of Italeri kangaroo insignias from a M13/40 kit arrived just before xmas , it got me the inspiration to push ahead and finish this year on again off again project , a couple of weeks later another set of roo symbols turns up in the mail from the same guy , this time they were from the Tamiya kit and to be quite honest weren't as nicely shaped as the Italeri ones ( so keep that in mind ).
Modifications were kept to basically glue on bits , the twin MG's are from the Academy M113 kit , large aerial is a MG from the same kit , the thin aerial is wire from a bread bag tie , Bren gun and rack mounted behind cabin and set of 3 jerries on the rear stowage bins looked good.
I also mounted a rack type thingo on the hull on the LHS and grab handles , side vision ports and top periscope sight added as well.
Inside the cockpit I added some back padding for the driver , hydraulic rams to open the big hatch , a fire extinguisher and German MG.
The Commonwealth roundel on the back is from an Airfix 1/76 kit , other decals from the Jagdluther kit , some nice German warning signs here and there look great.


  1. That looks awesome, I was looking at that model - how tall is it?