Friday, December 25, 2015

Piranha Swamp Thing

Post apoc kit bash inspired by Florida swamp buggys , figure from Industria Mechanika


  1. Luv the Concept vehicle - would like to know a bit more about the parts used to create this little wonder and maybe a link to the build process if possible at all. Am a big fan of your whacky and wonderfully unique creations.

    1. Hi mate there are build pics in the post before this use the older posts link at the bottom of the page
      This was a side project I built while I was waiting for paint to dry on another
      The truck part is a WW2 water carrier by Italeri , the rear moter cowling is from a HEMMT gun truck , the zig zag frame work for the floats is from a Karl Morser gun , the floats and prop was from a DH A1 chopper , the figure is Sasha the Welder from Industria Mechanika
      The wooden deck is just pop sticks with a black wash , the build was quick and came out unexpectedly great lol