Monday, January 24, 2011

Operation Glenrowan - Jeep and Trailer


and the saga continues ........
I was wondering what to do with all the leftover bits from this project so what do you do with a spare SAS Jeep , a German SD.AH.51 trailer and bits of the Academy M113kit ? ......


Quite proud of this semi scratch built trailer I made from spares it came out a treat I reckons , for anyone interested I'll post up what parts I used , the trailer is from Dragons Flak 38 kit and was that nicely detailed I didn't want to waste it so I added a deck made from a spare engine cover from an Academy M113 kit ( the angled bit ) , next part of the deck over the axle and that mounts the gun is from an Airfix 1/72 Bofors gun tractor kit , it fit perfectly with no trimming needed , the sides are also from the Airfix kit.
On the back I stuck a spare tool box from the Tamiya Bren Carrier kit and put 2 handles there from the Flak kit.
The trailer hitch I made up from the Airfix kit and added detail bits from the Flak kit and the Infrared night vision kit , the bracket holding the gun stable is made from bits from the M113 kit and and tiny winder handle from the Flak kit , the recoiless rifle is from the M113 kit ( an Aladdin's cave of goodies lol ) as well.Tools came from an Academy tank equipment set


The Jeep has had a bit of modding done as well , as it is towing a heavy load I decided it must have an American V8 engine in it and dual rear wheels , I added a bonnet air scoop and ditched the condenser tank on the grill , inside I have added a larger gearbox cover and gearstick , I think this might become the command vehicle in the dio

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