Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Operation Glenrowan - " Dan and Jim "


Got the 2 carriers in undercoat after nutting out most of the mods , just have to work out where all the extras like stowage and crew go now
The carrier on the left is " Dan " and has the Flak 38 mounted on it with night vision and remote firing , it will have crew of 3 - Driver / Radio operator , Gunner , Loader in rear
You can see the mods I've done to the rear area for the gun mount , out of the M113 box came 2 flotation tanks which made a nice bulkhead and found a use for the M113 air cleaner which didnt want to fit on that build , it looks half decent painted up and was a better effort than just glueing the whole gun trailer onto the back ( been done before too eh )
The one on the right is " Jim " and is equipped with a MAD system ( used to detect the ignition coils of enemy vehicles ) and a 50. cal with night vision , it has a 3 man crew as well , Driver , Gunner / Radio op and rear Gunner
Some extra bits added to the Flak , night vision lamp and what has got to be the best fit ever the turning rail around the base which came straight out of the trusty M113 box

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